NPK logo

Task: to create a monumental identity.

NPK helps large and very large enterprises make their business more efficient, launch projects to achieve strategic goals and eliminate bottlenecks in infrastructure. A solid and confident logo for the team of science and production consulting professionals was created in the studio.

The logo clearly shows the path from source data to the best result that the company achieves in the course of each project. The metaphor of a bridge is a link between the task and the result, the initial target and the ultimate achievement. The bright outcome of NPK’s work is emphasized by the metallic sheen of the characters in the symbol.

The logo feels confident in the material world finding itself on official documents, business cards, signs and plaques. Embossing and foil stamping only make it more striking.

npk cards
npk letter

One of the elements of the logo, the horizontal stroke of the letter H, became the foundation of a strict geometric pattern.

npk pattern
npk sign
npk magazine
npk phone

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project manager

Made in 19 days
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