Finding city objects that need to be improved. We start with advertising pillars.

odessa furniture 00

Thinking how we can modernize existing pillars: by adding power outlets, a WiFi connection, seats, an awning.

odessa furniture 01
odessa furniture 02
odessa furniture 03

Coming up with possible solutions. The object should attract people. Should we make the awning larger so there’s enough room to hide from the rain? Add USB ports and WiFi, since it already has a table and seats?

odessa furniture 04

Making a preliminary sketch to start conversation with the manufacturer. Simultaneously settling the issue of organizing advertisements by adding preset format fields.

odessa furniture 05

Meanwhile, a series of new restrictions is introduced. The entire design should be modular. Sometimes the pillars are located too close to roads, which makes it dangerous to have people sit there. The awning can be knocked down by a bus or street cleaning vehicles. We need a design that can be easily customized.

During the design stage we find out that all advertising pillars will soon be removed from the city’s streets. What this means is that we need to keep working on the idea of improving urban furniture, we just need a different object.

Modular benches is exactly what we need.

odessa furniture 06

Trying to work with lighting to make parks more interesting. Deciding that the bench pedestals will have ornamental cut-outs with various patterns.

odessa furniture 07

Moving on to choosing colors and materials. Calculating the approximate production costs and preparing a blueprint for production.

odessa furniture 08
odessa furniture 09