Taking a look at existing examples.

odessa id process 01

Trying various shapes and layouts. Adding the city coat of arms.

odessa id process 02

The art director likes the chosen direction. Starting the search for the manufacturer. Visiting companies and exploring their production capabilities. Finding a company that can cut metal in any shape and engrave anything on it.

odessa id process 03

Simultaneously testing ideas on real-life objects, trying to choose the best size for the text. Deciding that the rhombus-shaped sign looks best.

odessa id process 04

Receiving a production sample and trying to mount it. Realizing that in real life all objects are different and a single format will not work. Looking at the signs in real life.

odessa id process 05

Replacing the coat of arms with the city logo.

odessa id process 07

Tidying up the layout, choosing a different typeface, announcing.