Getting the idea out of the studio’s Brain Storage and starting to think.

We want to show the location of objects, building numbers and intersections, as well as local addresses.

What about a dark background? We definitely should make an emphasis on the side of the street the sign is located on.

OK, we got the idea. Starting to work with graphics. The most important are points of interest (café, pharmacy, police station), while roads and intersections are secondary.

To make sure we understand the information volume for each sign, we need to make lists of objects for each street. This will allow us to create a hierarchy of objects and define principles based on which they will be included in the sign.

Trying to rotate it. This will help save on materials on longer streets.

The art director says that he doesn’t like the width of the street. It would also be great to work on colors more. For example, to slightly raise the buildings of the chosen side of the street and make their colors more active.

Trying to raise the buildings even higher.

Deciding on the active style and the best amount of volume. We also need to decide on the principles for sign placement.

The problem is that placing two signs on one intersection will create a conflict of directions. On the other hand, sometimes we won’t be able to hang two signs on each post. Deciding that the signs should be placed 10 meters (30′) away from an intersection.

Going to the city to study the current situation with posts. We often see them covered with film or wire mesh or being otherwise unsuitable for installation. For now, we try the current sample to decide on the size. Later we will add a dark outline to make it stand out against all the background noise.

Preparing project documentation for the manufacturing company to decide on the materials, technology and production costs.

Continuing to work on icons and buildings, removing any iPhone allusions.

The art director advises to render important buildings in “real-life” 3D. Suggesting an alternative.

Updated icons come in. To avoid increasing production costs, deciding that the You are Here marker will be on a simple transparent sticker.

It would be great to add some room for sponsor logos and city services information at the bottom.

Making another fitting, making changes and preparing the announcement.