First we need to create a list of objects.

odessa pictograms process 01

Our task is to create a set of universal icons that will have their own unique features. Which means the graphics should be suitable for all use cases and yet maintain its own character. Trying it out.

odessa pictograms process 02

Nope. Too childish. How about an outline?

odessa pictograms process 03
odessa pictograms process 04

Closer to what we need. However, contour icons always look complex and are difficult to work with in real life. They can easily become lost on a map.

Trying to make a step back and search for special features.

odessa pictograms process 05

The silhouette versions are better, but the graphics still looks out of place.

odessa pictograms process 06

Changing the designer and formulating the task over again. The icons should be recognizable, easy to use by companies and individuals, suitable for use at events and in navigation projects. Deciding that the icons will appear strict at first glance but will reveal interesting details at a closer look.

Learning that militia is being renamed to police. Taking a careful look at cadets, new uniforms and new features. The icon should reflect all of that.

Using different contrast of figures and objects as the main graphical effect.

odessa pictograms process 07
odessa pictograms process 08
odessa pictograms process 09

Some icons look poor in small scale. Making adjustments and double checking. Defining a number of key principles. For example, all buildings will be black, but the Opera Theater will be airy with the use of outline.

odessa pictograms process 10

Some icons require more attention. We want all government buildings to have similar traits but different details. Trying to find suitable surroundings for each building.

odessa pictograms process 11

Finalizing the set and preparing the announcement.