Orange New Year gift

Task: to design a gift.

Orange is a world-known operator and integrator with a bright style. Every New Year, Orange gives presents to its customers that are always useful and unusual. This time the company asked the studio to design the present.

Bright Orange, bright New Year. The gift should help take a break from work but at the same time not distract too much, there has to be a balance. That’s it!

The packaging

The box with an energetic pattern and a concise slogan creates the first impression of the present. You simply can’t wait to open see what’s inside.

The present

An energetic pattern was designed for the gift’s design to convey the holiday mood and match the company’s style.

The instruction card that we wrote and decorated with a red cat explains what the balance board is and how to use it.

The instruction card

The cylinder can hold a bottle of something strong.

The alcohol part of the gift can be opened right away, it is holiday season after all


The balance board becomes a hit of the New Year party and every day in the office after it.

art director


technical designer




project manager

Made in 76 days
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