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Orange office design and navigation

Task: to design an office space.

Orange is in the business of IT and telecoms: it implements Internet of Things solutions, protects from DDoS attacks, provides communication services, creates clouds and other similar things. People at Orange see their work in a philosophical way and are inspired by universal human values. In the new design of the company’s office we embodied motivating ideas and used them to build a wayfinding system.

At the heart of Orange’s technologies is the concept of No Limits. This idea welcomes employees and visitors right at the entrance.

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Orange occupies two floors that have many similar work rooms. Each of them received a special design with an individual illustration, an art object and a description. Gray and plastic open spaces became bright spaces filled with meaning.


The design uses seven global themes, all based on the idea of No Limits. The name and description of the idea are placed at the entrance to each space.


Cosmos is a boundless unexplored space. We don’t know what is happening in space now and what will happen there in the future, but important discoveries are surely waiting for us. This uncertainty is not at all scary, but inspiring.

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Light always exists. Even if there is darkness around, the light is not gone, it is simply obscured by obstacles. To come back to the light, simply keep moving.

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Rising above the ground, we are able to see the whole picture. Bright ideas are born in flight that easily come to life to become real achievements.

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In weightlessness, gravity is gone and the usual state of things changes. Everything superficial disappears, masks come off and only the essence remains. This allows us to see things as they really are.

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The horizon is an illusory line. We take a step and the horizon draws a step back. We move forward and our abilities expand. For our goals, there are no limits.

Lines that look like mountains are reflected in the mirror and go beyond the limits of the room.


Portals exist. They allow to pass through walls, move in time and space. We search for them to instantly solve tasks that take others months and years. And we are halfway there.

The cat endlessly jumps out of the mirror wall.


Life is an endless stream. We either go with the flow or catch a wave and make the best of the circumstances. We merge with the force of nature or direct it. The choice is always ours.

The theme of No Limits is further developed in art objects, allowing design and navigation to merge together. For example, in the Horizon open space, lines that look like mountains are reflected in the mirror and go beyond the limits of the room. In Portals, the cat endlessly jumps out of the mirror wall.

Now it’s easy to arrange a meeting with coworkers:

—Where are you?

—I’m in Portals by the cat.


The graphics help navigate the symmetrical elevator halls and guide employees and guests to open spaces and meeting rooms.

A set of vivid icons was developed for the signs.

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It’s simply astounding!

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Made in 192 days
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