Meeting Point website

to create a website with a convenient and clear structure that would motivate users to rent offices and tell about the property owner's useful services.

Meeting Point is a network of premium office and coworking spaces in the best business centers in Moscow. A modern and clear website helps tenants find the right location for their company.

The main page contains the list of all the locations, describes their advantages and offers to read stories of those who have already worked with Meeting Point. It also shows what spaces are available for rent.

The website is especially memorable thanks to its functional animation. Large flying dots inform about Meeting Point services that make office life a lot easier and offer more details if you hover the cursor over them.

Clear 3D symbols were created to represent the advantages, setting the mood and making the selection process easier.

Office as art

The company’s slogan was developed into a graphic device: photographs of spaces available for rent turn into stunning abstract paintings!

Finding the right space is made easier with the chat bot: it asks about the needs of the future client, tells about the pleasant bonuses of renting from Meeting Point and in the end shows the most suitable options. Find office space

While other office rental sites look boring, this one you’ll surely remember. And it’s a joy to use.

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Made in 155 days
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