Raiffeisenbank values identity

Task: to create a memorable identity for values of a large bank.
Task: to create a memorable identity for values of a large bank.

Raiffeisenbank creates a positive working environment enabling the continuous development of its employees, allowing them to demonstrate their best qualities and implement the most daring ideas.

Corporate values help build respectful relationships in the company at the core level and successfully implement innovations that make life easier for both employees and clients.

Raiffeisenbank has defined five standards that were combined into a single value system: Personal Development, Proactivity, Responsibility, Professionalism and Cooperation.

To make the values easier to remember, each competence is represented by a quirky symbol, with each of the values folding like origami.

The origami works perfectly in the digital environment and can decorate any video with its dynamic transformations.

Made in 24 days
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