Sklad Oborudovaniya logo

Task: to design a logo.

I take out of my wide trousers
the wallet where I have rubles and cash.
Passerby, where is the store?
Is Sklad Oborudovaniya nearby?

sklad oborudovaniya

I need equipment for business!
Heating! Refrigeration! For the bar!
I dream of setting up a base and a warehouse!
And a bakery shop, too!

Here it is, the logo on the door:
stylish, compact and apt!
The red and blue fire burns
in the design of an electrical socket!

The letters CO are not for carbon monoxide,
but rather mean Central Office!
It’s Sklad Oborudovaniya here!
Selling equipment that freezes and heats!

sklad oborudovaniya cards
sklad oborudovaniya wall

art director


project manager

Made in 28 days
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