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Spartak tennis center interior design concept

Task: to transform interiors of a tennis center.

Spartak tennis center is a multifunctional sports complex in Sokolniki with excellent tennis courts and world class infrastructure.

We came up with new ways to improve the interiors of the tennis center, make them original, modern and comfortable.

spartak interiors entrance

The lobby is filled with air and light thanks to the panoramic windows and materials with pleasant textures. The laconic furniture does not dominate the space while bright color accents keep things interesting.

There are soft couches and vending machines in the halls and the walls are decorated with mirrors and pictures made of living plants.

The interior of the zone for special guests is decorated with natural materials, including natural stone finish, wooden panels and a green wall made of stabilized moss.

The bar zone is located near the windows overlooking the tennis court: it’s a comfortable place to watch a match without getting up from the bar. Regular tables and a kitchen corner are located nearby, allowing guests to have a snack or a cup of coffee in comfort.

In some rooms the original finish and equipment remained untouched, we only added wall decorations and new lighting.

The type composition on the wall and bright light fixtures visually expand the space of the small gym.

before after

before after

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