Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industries office concept

Task: to design the main office of an industrial company.

Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industries is a large producer of polypropylene. A concept of office interior and exterior design was developed for the company in the studio.

kpi 1

The base of the building is a cross-shaped layout.

The plasticity of the façade creates additional shading that is relevant to the local climate and also forms open terraces.

The rear façade facing the landscaped area also has distinctive curves.

kpi 3

Each floor has well-thought-out functional zoning, which allows to rationally distribute office space.

kpi 5

To make it easier to move around such a large space, in the center there is an atrium with a staircase that connects all floors and shortens the way from the workplace to the destination.

The building emphasizes the status of the company and reflects its slogan “Manufacturing of the future.”

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art director

chief architect

project manager

Made in 204 days
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