Sport 24 identity

Task: to create a style for a sports website.

Every day and even every hour some sort of a sport event takes place somewhere in the world: championships start, games are played, records are beaten. Some of that, of course, is reported by various sources although they simply have no time to cover everything.

The Sport 24 website has a special team that follows news 24/7 and publishes fresh updates as soon as something interesting happens.

The logo created at the studio is designed to reflect the uniqueness of the website.

The letters between the letter S and the number 24 can be replaced by icons, stickers or digits that represent interesting events. For example, just seeing logos of teams participating in a match in place of the letters makes everything instantly clear. Fans and players are not forgotten either, with smiley faces being used to convey intense sports emotions.

Made in 61 days
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