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Teriberka design code

Task: to help improve a village in the Far North.

Teriberka is a village on the shore of the Barents Sea with breathtaking views and amazing life which deservedly attract more and more tourists. The town infrastructure is gradually developing, but haphazard interference with the visual image of the place undermines its beauty. In order to preserve the identity of the northern village, a design code that helps streamline development and bring a unified style to landscaping was developed in the studio.

For greater accuracy, the area was divided into three zones: natural, historic and modern. This allows to create a more comfortable environment for people in residential areas, protect the old wooden buildings in the historic part of the village and preserve the untouched landscapes in the natural zone.


The history of the place itself suggests materials that reflect the charm of Teriberka: burnt and untreated wood, Corten steel, fishing nets and natural stone.

Today, the amount and garishness of advertising is uncontrolled. This approach disturbs the appearance of the town and harms entrepreneurs, since people come to Teriberka for its natural beauty, not colorful banners.

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The design code helps remedy the situation. Rules for placement and design are described in detail for each type of advertising and information structures, from window signs to festival flag compositions.

The design code highlights characteristic architectural elements and makes specific recommendations for their preservation. They include wood and brick patterns, balconies and entrances.

Applying these details in a modern development and protecting the surviving examples, Teriberka will retain its uniqueness, remain beautiful and maybe even surprise the locals.

Rules were created for a variety of aspects, including shapes, finishes, colors and lighting.

Teriberka’s existing amenities, from sidewalk surfaces and street furniture to fish cutting areas and mobile saunas, have their own northern motifs associated with the sea and harsh natural conditions. The design code takes them into account and accompanies them by recommendations for their modern interpretation.

For example, we suggest to use fishing nets and natural stone for fencing in the historic zone and use bare logs and lamps in the form of old kerosene ship lanterns for lighting.

Address plates

The design of the address plates is rooted in the historic house signs. The strong oxide film of Corten steel that resembles a layer of rust reflects Teriberka’s close connection with nature, while the smile-shaped cutout at the bottom emphasizes friendliness of the locals.

Bottom line

The design code limits human interference with nature and the historic image of the village, but at the same time helps it develop without compromising its uniqueness. In addition, it helps grow the tourism potential of the place, and with it, the quality of people’s lives.

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Made in 125 days
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