Lada Insurance interactive booklets

Task: to make insurance sales more effective.

Lada dealerships offer five types of insurance from Lada Insurance. Interactive booklets help better understand what’s being offered.

5 types of insurance

When buying a new car or in case of insurance claims people go to their dealer. The booklets are used in dealerships to help managers sell a very complex product and customers make an informed decision.

The large booklet is divided into two parts, white and orange. Standard mandatory auto insurance terms are covered on the white page while the orange section contains five tabs with different insurance terms. Managers can show one of the offerings or several at the same time for the client to choose.

The gray booklet opens up sideways. This layout allows to show one insurance, several or even all five at the same time, helping managers use different sales scenarios.

The booklets clearly outline all the benefits, so managers will never forget anything important. Discussing insurance becomes more visual and clients get a new, better experience.

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