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Identity for Umbrella IT

Task: Design an identity for an IT company.

Umbrella IT develops web and mobile apps for task management, and also provides auditing and consulting in the world of IT.

Umbrella IT’s specialists work closely with their clients’ teams to streamline processes and solve problems.

The identity we came up with foregrounds Umbrella IT’s ability to help their clients protect themselves from risk.

The logo is made up of two parts — a text and a blue bar above it. The bar acts as a symbolic umbrella, protecting companies from the problems raining down on them. The rich blue reflects the digital age — the colour of links, highlighted elements, underlines, and much more!

Supercharger for your ​IT

The blue bar also works as a separate element. For example, in texts, keywords can be highlighted to help them stand out, and it can even be used in in images of people and items.

The band is so abstract that it can be used to generate all manner of metaphors, like battery indicators or loading processes.

The ready-made template makes it easy for Umbrella IT to work out how to adapt any image so that it’s appears as an organic part of the identity.

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The same compositional techniques can be used for business cards, advertising images, charts, and contracts. The format changes, but the logic stays the same.

Patterns can be formed by using the same proprietary element to give the appearance of lines of code.

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There’s enough space for everyone under the Umbrella IT.

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