Zenit soccer club advertising campaign for 2018–2019 season

Task: to make rivals tremble.

Zenit entered the 2018–2019 season in the Russian Premier League with a well-balanced line-up, a new coach and a determination to win. Seasonal communication message and an identity that confirm the club’s serious intentions to win back the champion’s title were developed at the studio.

zenit identity logo 2

The combat anger makes the team to burst its banks and cover other cities like a wave. The aggressive lettering reflects the decisive stance of the team.

The message is revealed in an epic video.

At the core of the identity is a simple principle based on the gradation of light and ark stripes, resembling a stormy sky. Bright color elements are used as accents. Graphics created according to this principle can be easily transformed, recolored and filled with photos.

zenit identity player 1 zenit identity player 2 zenit identity player 3 zenit identity player 4 zenit identity player 5 zenit identity player 6

In addition to the primary geometric pattern, several new backgrounds developing the idea of storm waves were created. “The wave is coming” is a very fluid slogan that combines forces of nature and fan waves at stadiums, acoustic and seismic waves.

zenit identity photo 1
zenit identity photo 2

The nature is irrepressible. Resistance is impossible.

zenit identity photo 3
zenit identity final
zenit competitor 1 zenit competitor 2 zenit competitor 3 zenit competitor 4 zenit competitor 5 zenit competitor 6 zenit competitor 7 zenit competitor 8 zenit competitor 9 zenit competitor 10 zenit competitor 11 zenit competitor 12

art director

creative director

designer and motion designer

editing director


  • Andrei Pavlichenkov


type designer

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