DonatePay website

Task: to radically simplify accepting donations.

DonatePay is one of the most popular donation systems in Russia for streamers, bloggers and other creators of interesting content.

Those who are just starting streaming may find it hard to learn the ropes and start accepting donations. We made the process as clear and as accessible as possible: the new website guides the user, explaining what they need to do step by step.

The colorful main page explains how to quickly start using the service and describes all the features of the system. Bright and memorable 3D animations emphasize the most important points.

Sending and receiving donations is illustrated with funny pictures. We also came up with a whole set of cool stickers that can be used in the design of live streams.

Before using the service, the website invites visitors to turn on their camera and see what it feels like to be a popular streamer.

Made in 43 days
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