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Task: to inspire customers to make pleasant purchases.

American online store Eden Fantasys is in a very pleasant business: they sell sex toys. And also explain how to use them. Which is why their website has both a product catalog and a section with interesting articles about sex.

But, just like any other adult store, this one has a problem: people come to the website, browse the products, look at them closely from all angles—and ultimately don’t buy anything out of shyness.

To make the customers bolder and the number of orders grow faster, the article section of the site became a full-fledged entertainment edition about sex.

Purchasing from within an article

Materials are divided into traditional media formats: top lists, long reads and cards.

And topics: sexual health, sex toys, research, reviews.

There are also tags that allow to quickly read everything related to a topic.

All formats are different and encourage to buy products in different ways.

For example, long reads have their own template where all attention is drawn to the text and the pictures. You can’t make a purchase from within a long read, the idea here is to create so much interest the viewers would search for the toys themselves.

There are also cards which allow to quickly add a gadget to the shopping cart.

And lists like Top 10 Gadgets for Couples or Top 5 Vibrators purposefully sell various exciting things.

A lot of the store’s customers leave comments which are used in the best way possible: to reassure other users.

edenfantasys community


Before now, the website didn’t have a single visual environment. Now it has a bright recognizable style (and lots of new functionality).

The website often publishes various lists. To make them look even more striking, we created special digits in the shape of sex toys.

List items are just as informative as before, but now they are tremendously more noticeable thanks to the cool new numbering.

edenfantasys numbers sheet

Some digits have several alternative versions.

The website has lots of tactful but graphic illustrations.

And manuals for sex toys (they used to be confusing, making users try to guess what to put where from the pictures). The new diagrams made everything completely clear.

Choosing photos is easy thanks to the special illustrated guide.

edenfantasys bb

But most importantly, the website dedicated to such a sensitive topic turned out cute, tactful and surprisingly gentle.

edenfantasys final
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