Perfect presentation builder

A presentation is one of the most effective formats for conveying meaning. Presentations are used everywhere, from thesis projects to speeches of heads of state.

Creating a really good presentation requires a lot of knowledge and skill. Not only do you need to get the right meaning across, but also create the proper slide composition, select appropriate images and choose suitable typefaces.

Art. Lebedev Studio presents Fokus—a revolution in the world of presentations. The service automatically creates professional presentations from any content.

You no longer need to manually arrange blocks of text, images and diagrams. Simply add the content, and the service will offer a multitude of designs and arrangements. All that’s left is to choose the best version.

Unlike conventional presentations, projects crated in Fokus not only look professional, but also act as powerful business tools. You just need to insert a form to collect responses and share your presentation via a link. Responses will automatically appear in a convenient table in the author’s personal account.

Fokus allows all team members to edit presentations together. The changes are saved automatically and you no longer need to send files back and forth. The current version is always available at the same link.

As a result, creating professional presentations becomes a matter of minutes.

Fokus is the easiest way to create a good presentation.

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