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Mimino electric river vessel for Venice

It is impossible to imagine Venice without the lush variety of boats. The main mode of transportation here is by water. As the flow of people wishing to see St Mark’s Basilica and the Doge’s Palace never ceases, public transportation must evolve. To help Venice meet the demands of its passengers, we designed the Mimino electric vessel.

mimino 01

It is imbued with the grace and simplicity of the mid-20th century Venetian waterbuses.

mimino 02

The spacious cabin allows tourists (i.e. families with bags and suitcases) and locals to travel short distances with great comfort. Lifebuoys are mounted on the ceiling and life jackets are located under the seats.

mimino 03

The telescopic railing slides into the boards and saves space. Mimino is charged at the pier with the help of special ports.

mimino 04

Information boards on the exterior, multimedia panels inside the boarding terminal and audio notifications help keep track of the journey.

mimino 05

Multiple cameras and sensors and 360-degree screens make the captain’s job a breeze.

mimino 06

Mimino neatly finds its place next to Venice’s historical water transport and does not disrupt the image of the ancient city.

mimino 07

The studio will be happy to license boat designs to shipyards and transportation companies to bring them to life.

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