Nikolay Ironov 2.0

Presenting the most ambitious update of Nikolay Ironov’s technologies since his inception.

Ironov’s first works have been used by hundreds of businesses, impressing clients with their boldness and originality. Meanwhile, the development team continued to accumulate data and develop Ironov’s design abilities.

Today, generative design technology is moving to a new level.

Ironov has revolutionized graphic design and continues to surprise his clients with the variety and freshness of his solutions. There are over 1,400 projects in Nikolay’s portfolio.

Now Ironov has a new brain. The new logos are actively using abstractions, initials, laconic geometric shapes, type compositions and other graphic solutions which help Ironov compete with professional designers working in different styles.

In addition to the new graphic styles, the semantic part of the technology has been significantly upgraded as well. Nikolay is now able to deeply analyze the content of the client’s brief and suggest graphic solutions based on concepts that are not even mentioned in the text. This significantly expands the range of Ironov’s “imagination” and allows clients to get the most relevant and accurate results.

ironov logos

The personal account page which is created for every client now has a function to create a demo project. This will allow to test Ironov’s new functionality at no charge and see how easy and convenient it has become to work with Nikolay.

Ironov continues to transform traditional views of design, offering increasingly mature solutions. The elements he creates will now be used on even more media: signage, souvenirs, clothing, tableware, social media pages and many other things that shape our environment.

The studio continues to develop Nikolay Ironov and bring the future closer.
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