Lite Kitchens showroom interiors

Task: to introduce a unified style to branded stores.

Lite Kitchens is a large chain selling kitchen and dining furniture, appliances and closets, which is actively expanding. To ensure all existing and planned outlets have a recognizable image, design principles were developed in the studio and compiled into a detailed guide.

lite 02

The most popular kitchen design welcomes visitors as they walk in.

A message from the company’s CEO is on the wall nearby. Located by the entrance, the text signals openness and friendliness.

lite 03

Everything needed for giving advice is at hand, including material samples, kitchen catalogs and demo equipment.

lite 04

The branded wall behind employee workplaces contains samples of cabinet faces, advertising phrases and the logo.

lite 06

The kitchen display area also includes stands with recommended faces, various accessories, handles and shelf mechanisms: everything can be tried on the spot.

lite 07
lite 09

Stickers are used to show different mechanisms and ways of opening of kitchen cabinets with simple and clear graphics in a coherent style.

Two types of stickers were developed: a linear pattern in corporate blue color is designed for light cabinet surfaces and a white version is used for darker surfaces.

lite 11
Made in 102 days
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