Moscow Planetarium wayfinding system

Task: to create a wayfinding system for the Moscow Planetarium without stars or planets.

The Moscow Planetarium gives visitors cosmic sensations and unique opportunities. Only here can they can save a planet from asteroids, catch a star and reach to touch the moon.

Where should I go?

The lobby is the primary decision-making place in the Planetarium.

Dozens of museum visitors every day can’t find their way to the movie theater or the Great Hall of Stars or decide what to see in the museum before the start of their tour.

The ribbon on the ceiling is the first thing visitors see when they enter the Planetarium and a major point of attraction. It leads to a sense of orbitality: standing in the lobby, the visitor becomes the center of the system while the entire Planetarium exists around them and for them.

Thanks to the architecture of the ceiling, the signs on the ribbon are clearly visible. They cover the lobby on all sides guiding to the most important objects: the Big Star Hall, Lunarium, the ticket office, the cloakroom, the restroom and exit.

Instead of creating new entities, ribbon wayfinding uses the shape of the ceiling. The need to place signs on the ceiling sets the style for the entire wayfinding system.

moscow planetarium ceiling

We created a cosmic wayfinding system! Without stars.

Without resorting to the usual space attributes, we created a wayfinding system that is associated with the Milky Way and the space.

moscow planetarium big star hall 2
moscow planetarium small star hall
moscow planetarium urania

Forbidding politely

The forbidding signs don’t “shout!!!” while their wording supports the museum’s space theme.

moscow planetarium stickers
moscow planetarium doors
moscow planetarium plan
moscow planetarium entrance
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