Planetpics website

Task: to create an online encyclopedia about nature.
assembled and populated by the client

Planetpics is an unbelievable encyclopedia of living nature. The best photographers of Russia publish their photos, audio records, videos and panoramas so that people can see, hear and almost feel the nature of the entire world.

The authors—who are all experienced travelers—have been to the Far North, the jungle, bottoms of ravines and summits of mountains. The platform for such unearthly (in fact, very earthly!) beauty was created at the studio.

The main design element are images that interact with the viewer. Snow leopards, toucans and mountains move with the cursor, grab attention and immerse into nature.

Smart search remembers what the viewer was interested in and suggests matching queries.

The authors tell interesting stories about nature and illustrate them with absolutely unreal pictures. The white background of all pages creates a perfect backdrop for the shots.

Each author has his or her own page with all their materials.

Made in 96 days
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