Art. Lebedev Studio presents a groundbreaking solution in the realm of dynamic interactive content creation.

Potokus is a technology that allows to effortlessly launch your own corporate television. Potokus creates movement from static, an entire movie from a single frame. In advertising, sales and business, competition for user attention requires constantly updated content and innovative delivery mechanisms. A media product must not only keep pace with ever-evolving trends but also stand out by being memorable, stylishly presented and interactive. Producing such content normally required a team of specialists. Now, the solution is Potokus.

It is a system that seamlessly converts disparate pictures, text and videos into a continuous 24/7 video stream, all while giving you the ability to control the broadcast and adjust it to meet the current needs. Potokus will create endless content variations from even a small number of media files available to the company.

Furthermore, Potokus automatically loads data from online sources, providing, for example, up-to-date weather forecasts or currency quotes. It also allows you to publish the resulting video files on various social networks.

The unique nature of the content created by Potokus lies in its interactivity, which is ensured by a large variety of available widgets, such as polls, links to products and voting. Users are no longer passive viewers, they are now involved in communication and can engage with the content. Potokus empowers businesses to communicate directly with their audience and receive instant feedback.

Potokus is a solution for businesses seeking to broadcast through any screens, creating unique content for both websites and digital screens.

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