Routemark travel accessories

Task: to create designs for suitcase covers, travel pillows and sleep masks.

Routemark manufactures handy accessories that make life easier for travelers.

Now Routemark range includes suitcase covers, travel pillows and sleep masks decorated with wonderful patterns created by the studio.

routemark mask 01

Covers give more character to suitcases and protect them from scratches, dirt and color burnout. The incredibly beautiful and bright prints make bags easy to identify on the baggage carousel.

Covers come in three sizes, working for both compact and more spacious models of suitcases.

routemark suitcase cover

routemark suitcase 02
routemark suitcase 03

The travel pillow relieves tension from neck muscles, helps to relax and rest. Inside is polyurethane foam with memory effect while the exterior is covered by soft fabric with pleasant texture and a colorful pattern.

There is a button buckle on the front that makes it easy to fit the pillow snugly around the neck or to attach it to a backpack or bag. The pillow comes with a matching storage case.

routemark pillow

routemark pillow girl

The sleep mask’s ergonomic shape and extra volume provide more space so that the eyes and face feel more comfortable.

Masks with spectacular patterns add to the joy of travel of both the owners and their companions!

routemark mask

routemark mask 02


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