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RT anniversary website

Task: to design a website for RT's 15th anniversary.

RT is a TV channel that introduces viewers to Russia’s point of view on important world events. Over the 15 years of its existence, RT has learned to value self irony which is obvious by the fun website dedicated to the anniversary of the channel.

Quotes of Western cultural and political figures emphasize that RT leaves no one indifferent.

rt site faces3

Make memes, not war!

The meme generator will allow users to start a real war of jokes. To take part, just choose a newsworthy event and suggest a second picture that will complement the first.

Interactive blocks draw attention to the anniversary merch.

Sequins are the best metaphor of bipolarity in the world. They allow to fit two opposing poles on one medium. The interactive blocks will ensure visitors don’t miss out on such wonderful merchandise.

Russia Today sees through everything. Even the most terrible secrets can’t be hidden from them.

To look at the news from another angle, just overlay censorship tape over headlines of Western media.

The website propagandizes self irony in incredible amounts!

  • The website is managed using Imprimatur III (Parser) proprietary technology
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