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Task: to simplify a mobile application.

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Sberbank offers the SberSpasibo loyalty program where users get bonus points for every purchase made by card. The studio designed a new version of the SberSpasibo mobile app to make exchanging the points for gifts and discounts even easier.

Users are welcomed by onboarding screens that explains what, how and why, introducing the main sections and functions of the app in an engaging way.

After logging in to the application, a huge number of features becomes available.

spasibo x screens

The main screen shows a selection of personalized suggestions. It tells the users what they can do at any time of day or night.

Stories on the main screen keep users up to date and show interesting statistics.

The Discounts section contains a variety of coupons and promotions to help save on goods and services.

The Experiences section will help choose an interesting movie for the weekend or tell what festivals are coming to town.

The Travel section allows to buy a flight ticket or book a hotel with SberSpasibo bonus points.

The personal account page background, as well as the color of the app icon, change depending on the level the user has received for completing various tasks.

We added a lot of useful features to the application which has become more functional, easier to understand and a pure pleasure to use.

We have also added

converter, authorization, Partners and Offers, app page, iPad version, password login, chat, Partners on the Map section, history of transactions, promotions and offers, My Orders section, order card, notifications, checkout process, ticket payment, seat selection for airline tickets, Favorites section, search by sections, selections for impressions, levels, bonus category connection, transaction details, promotion connection, QR code screen for cinemas, travel date selection, section navigation

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