SberSpasibo program website

Task: to bring all loyalty program offers together.

SberSpasibo is a loyalty program offered by Sberbank that gives access to various benefits in exchange for bonus points that users can collect by purchasing goods and services. The offers that points can be spent on are so diverse that for a long time they could not come together. A way to bring them together on a single platform as well as to make the program more useful and easier to use was discovered in the studio.

assembled and populated by the client

Unified navigation

Customers can choose from a tremendous variety of offers: discount coupons, hotels and tours, concert and movie tickets, plane, bus and train tickets. And there are even more offline partners! The new version of the SberSpasibo website gathers all offers with one seamless navigation system. Convenience is now unparalleled.

Unified graphic language

Formats that can fit extremely diverse content into a single composition were created specially for the website. Any images can be assembled into amazing shapes.

Section with the tastiest offers

Offer collections draw users in like portals

Bright stickers are a metaphor for bonus points

A special recognizable symbol was created for bonus points.

The program has many partners in very different categories. The set of icons created for them is suitable for all occasions.

Unified page-building principles

The universal grid allows creating pages with diverse content that work according to unified rules.

To ensure users see even more interesting offers, the grid rearranges and becomes irregular adding fun and excitement into scrolling.

Buying made easier

The new version of the website includes completely redesigned interfaces for purchasing air tickets and making hotel reservations. Searching through the huge variety of offers is now easier and all fields in booking forms are now pre-populated.

Convenient account page

The personal account page shows the benefits of using the loyalty program and helps plan purchases to get even more bonus points. And exchange them for even more rewards.

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