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Design system for Sberbank's Spasibo program

Task: to design a system for managing the design of the Spasibo program.

Sberbank operates the Spasibo program that allows the bank’s customers to receive bonus points for purchasing goods and services.

To make the visual style of the program visually coherent, a design system was developed at the studio. It sets clear rules that make the work of designers and technologists more pleasant.

The Style section contains information about the visual style of the platform: the logo, colors, typefaces, rules for the use of the grid and icons.

The Templates section has examples of main pages. They describe the principles of building and selecting templates, as well as requirements for materials and images. The design system contains a library of all elements for Sketch and Figma helping create any layout in mere minutes.

The Components section contains pre-built modules for technologists that are used when assembling page templates.

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