Severstal's landing page on HeadHunter

Task: to attract more amazing employees to a huge company.

Severstal is one of the largest mining and steel companies in Russia. An organization as serious as this should look enticing in the eyes of job seekers and not be shy about presenting the advantages of working for it. Previously, an entire careers website was created for Severstal in the studio. Now the company also has a simple and attractive page on HeadHunter.

The landing page supports the existing identity and slogan of Severstal broadcasting the image of success and unity.

The HeadHunter page added a fresh new meaning to the company’s identity: the red arrows are new employees that join the non-stop production process and become part of the team.

Elements of the logo smoothly flow into one another, demonstrating future employees that they will be involved in more than just metal production. They will work in a team that brings together experts in various professions and allows them to work and grow together.

HeadHunter is a platform that has many rules. Still, we were able to harmoniously use the company’s style as well as add pleasant animations.

Severstal’s slogan “Achieve more together” is emphasized by the “more” sign. It is used in communication materials of the company’s HR brand.

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The studio wishes to thank Dinara Sharifullina, Anastasia Tsinne and Maria Shapovalova for their help with the project.

Made in 26 days
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