Façades of Russian schools in Tajikistan

Task: to create the architectural design of a Russian school in Tajikistan.

On September 1, 2022 general education schools offering instruction in Russian opened in five cities in Tajikistan: Dushanbe, Kulob, Tursunzoda, Khujand and Bokhtar. Façade design based on the standard project that reflects the shared history and harmony of Tajikistan and Russia was created in the studio, connecting graphic art traditions of the two cultures through illustrations, materials and details.

Refreshing the standard design

The ascetic layout that uses four types of brick is complemented by natural stone and fiberglass finishes, while the stained glass designs of compositionally highlighted staircases are enhanced with digital print on glass. The entrances have been completely updated.

The concept

To develop the concept, we compared features of the two countries and found points of contact: folk art, traditional architecture and historic buildings.




The artistic idea is based on six principles:

combination of cultures
contrast of colors
traditional materials
visual separation of space
sun protection
tajikistan windows
tajikistan scheme
tajikistan scheme small

tajikistan out 01
tajikistan out 06

Color zoning

For each of the four outer façades we created an individual color range, referring to the seasons of the year.

tajikistan colors

The stained glass images are based on the geometry of Tajik ornaments with illustrations in the Russian style filling the background. This allows elements of the façade to connect the two different cultures like a patchwork quilt.

tajikistan patterns 01

tajikistan patterns 02

The graphics of the window trims are similar to that of the stained glass windows, but are rendered in different colors. Each window has its own special design.

Inner façades continue the theme of stained glass windows and trims.

tajikistan facade ill 01
tajikistan facade ill 02

All this beauty is accompanied by art objects in the form of red horses and decorative floor lamps.

tajikistan final
  • The studio wishes to thank Vitaly Roskin, Alexey Kamyshov, Alexey Litvinov and Idris Gazdiev for their help with the project
Made in 57 days
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