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Interior design for the Russian schools in Tajikistan

On September 1, 2022, Russian-language schools opened their doors in five major cities of Tajikistan. Together with the façades, the studio created a design for school interiors. The design makes it possible to fill a typical building with a special atmosphere, while following all requirements and regulations.

To make finding your way around easier, each of the four buildings of the school is colored in its own color.

Recreational areas between them are painted in transitional shades. The purpose of each area depends on its size: small ones contain quiet zones, while larger ones serve as play areas.

tajikistan interiors colors

The design of patterns of common spaces is at the junction of Tajik and Russian cultures, a technique that was also used on the façades.

tajikistan interiors pink
tajikistan interiors scheme 01
tajikistan interiors purple

The accent ceiling in the corridor, door jambs and furniture help find your way around. Visible signs tell the office number from afar, while floor graphics guides to the destination.

tajikistan interiors signs
tajikistan interiors water

In the dining room, the serving area is highlighted with a bright pattern, while the dish return window is marked with color.

tajikistan interiors scheme 02

The entire dining room is divided into smaller spaces by lighting fixtures and wall and ceiling finishes. The variety of furniture ensures many seating options and is reminiscent of a café.

tajikistan interiors cafe 01
tajikistan interiors cafe 02

The assembly hall is an amphitheater with two types of seating, which emphasizes the informal nature of the space. Special paneling in the form of rhythmic ribs is used on the walls to improve acoustics.

tajikistan interiors assembly hall 01
tajikistan interiors assembly hall 02

Shelves, lockers, blackboard and sink are combined into one system. The teacher’s area is discreetly marked on the floor. In laboratory classes everything needed for demonstrations and experiments is also assembled into a compact furniture volume.

tajikistan interiors pano mobile
tajikistan interiors elements
tajikistan interiors final

Made in 40 days
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