Legacy residential complex logo

Task: to create a logo for an intelligent residential complex.

Legacy is a residential complex on Michurinsky Avenue. This area has historically been associated with Moscow intelligentsia and green parks. In the vicinity are the Moscow University, Luzhniki Olympic Complex, embassies of sixteen states, the Moscow State University Botanical Garden and the Setun River’s Valley wildlife sanctuary. The architecture of the complex embodies the link of times and continuity of generations, stability, tranquility and confidence in the future, characteristic of the location. The same ideas were expressed in the logo.

The logo contains two iconic images: a beautiful and proud bird symbolizing determination and flying high, and a spiral staircase, a symbol of ascent to the summits of success.

legacy elements

The characteristic arc of the symbol is supported by the semielliptical shapes in characters G and C.

The logo looks great in volume and color, in monochrome gray or noble gold pantone and doesn’t lose its beauty when placed on rough concrete surfaces. The bird looks best on dark backgrounds.

legacy close up

legacy billboard
legacy building

The logo comes with a detailed style guide.

legacy bb

legacy folder

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type designer

Made in 94 days
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