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Task: to design a website to help a village

Volochanka is a small village on the Taymyr Peninsula which you can only reach by taking a two and a half hour helicopter flight from Dudinka. No other transport does can reach the settlement. The village is inhabited by nice and motivated people, but they have enough problems: there are no hospitals, no cellular service or Internet access and the only local school burned down not long ago. Schoolgirl Darya Lykova who has lived in Krasnoyarsk for many years decided to improve the situation and the studio helped her with that.

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Virtual journey

Most people never even heard of Volochanka, have no idea where it is and how many people live there. As they scroll the page, visitors to the website make a virtual trip to the village, teleporting from Moscow to snow-covered Siberia in a matter of seconds.

The page quickly stops being warm and cozy. A snowstorm is raging in the sky, huge snowdrifts are accumulating beneath, the only bright spot is a fire burning in the traditional tent while the locals go about their business.

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Village of the future

However, the purpose of the website is not to show how difficult life is for the Dolgans and Nganasans but to explain what would happen if we started helping them. Several projects were developed for that purpose, each illustrated with a color picture that stands out in the overall snowy gloom.

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The pages of the website contain brief information about the projects, describe their benefits and show how much money has already been raised and how much more is needed. Visitors can study the descriptions and contribute to the projects. Information about the progress is regularly updated.

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Help form

The website has a feedback form for those who want to help the village. Anyone can use it to contact the organizers and discuss what assistance they can offer.

However, the studio went further and designed one more special form for alternate ways of helping Volochanka. The form can be used to collect funds from bank cards or bank accounts. If required, the form can be easily added to the website.

With each message, the weather on the website improves: the sun starts peeking out and the snowstorm recedes. Those who want to keep up to date with the news from the village or about the implementation of a specific project can subscribe to news and updates.

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Besides Darya Lykova, project ideas are suggested by Denis and Anastasia Terebikhiny, a family who permanently lives in Volochanka. A special page introduces the organizers, shows their photos and offers to get in touch with them by email or in social networks.

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Social information on the pages is supplemented by attributes familiar to the Dolgans and Nganasans: bells, beads and shamanic medallions. The result looks both serious and distinctive.

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