Alfa Click of the future (concept)

Task: to revisit the online banking experience.

Alfa Click is an online bank with a long history. While working together, we came up with several concepts that help Alfa Bank designers and marketing specialists find fundamentally new visual and communication solutions regardless of trends and design tools.

This concept was one of the options that were considered. Ultimately, a different concept developed by the Alfa Bank team was chosen.

At its core is the principle:

Функция определяет дизайн

To decide what the product should look like, we suggest asking the question “What functions should it perform?”

Accounts and deposits are presented in the familiar form of a bank card, but do not reproduce its image literally (because in the future bank cards will cease to exist).

Usually in online banks, in order to make a deposit or a transfer, or find out account details, users need to open the account page:


In the new Alfa Click all account actions are available directly from the list of accounts.

Выпустить новую карту

The bank sells products to clients using not banners, but rather new contexts

To transfer money, you don’t need to choose a transfer type: one of the options is already selected. All you need to do is enter the details and the amount.

Function serves as a source of inspiration in the search for new form. For example, in spending statistics.

Different online banks show spending statistics on charts with various shapes and colors


But if we also show frequency of expenses in addition to their amounts, we get a tool that helps spend money more consciously (and at the same time doesn’t look like all other charts)


User attention is the resource that in the very near future will become the most valuable for digital product development. Usually, online banks deliver information to users in many colorful formats: emails, notifications, banners and animations.

Alfa Click simply communicates what’s important to the customer without invading their private life or becoming a parasite for attention.

  • Gradients
  • Shadows
  • Stories
  • Illustrations
  • Icons
  • Banners
  • Plastic
  • Video
  • Photographs
  • Bell
  • Function

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