Identity Interface

Atach platform interface

The Russian platform Atach helps organizations accelerate document flow and digitize business processes. All this happens through a user-friendly interface designed in the studio, which shows that keeping up with the times is easy.

Working with a document

The document page shows only what’s necessary at the current stage. Approval is one click away, and the route clearly shows the entire journey of the file, including mentions of employees, positions, actions and dates.

Every stage of approval is marked with its own recognizable color used in the interface background when the document page is open. The same color palette is used for filtering, allowing users to navigate through the statuses faster.

atach interface status

Universal search

The query applies to Atach and other connected databases. Flexible filters allow to search by date, participants, conditions and many other parameters: it’s easy to find an old document that has no title.

Own messenger

Chats are divided into task-based and personal ones. During chat, users don’t need to constantly remind each other about the content of a file or attach it.


Laconic icons develop the style set in the identity.

System management

Convenient administrative panels allow to customize the platform to meet the specific needs of each company.


With the help of a well-designed and easy-to-use dashboard on a single screen, the manager can see all key indicators of the company’s document flow.

atach interface control
atach interface control mobile
atach interface circles
atach interface circles mobile
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