Logistics center Guidelines

Beru logistics centers design standards

Task: to develop universal standards for warehouse appearance.

Beru is Yandex’s marketplace. Design and wayfinding principles for the company’s warehouses were developed at the studio. All information comes in a detailed guide that includes everything from façade appearance to organization of internal areas.


Façade design brings variety to the monotony of architecture and allows to use large wall areas more efficiently.

beru guides facade

The guide describes best principles for sign placement and explains where they should be located.

Since warehouse façades are quite extensive, the entrance is noticeable from a distance.

beru guides entrance

Gates are numbered based on the primary direction of travel of trucks along the building.

beru guides sign


Indoors, hanging signs brighten up the monotonous concrete surroundings with their colored accents. Thanks to the transparent bases, the arrows seem to float in the air.

beru guides vertical sign 01
beru guides vertical sign 02

Easily noticeable and informative signs help find the way and improve mood.

Often there are several offices sharing the same space. Each of them uses different colors and names, while the offices themselves are marked with flags.

beru guides worker

Special signs in the aisles between racks point employees to the nearest stairs and elevators.


beru guides office door

Concise and clear icons were created for offices.

beru guides floor sign

To make finding your way around easier, the numbering starts from the main entrance to the floor and is applied to each door in sequence along the perimeter, not according to the building plan. The guide also lists types of rooms which don’t have to be numbered.

beru guides office
beru guides final
Made in 245 days
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