Logistics center Guidelines

Beru logistics center appearance

Task: to design the appearance of a huge warehouse.

Beru is a marketplace jointly operated by Yandex and Sberbank. It has it’s own, completely normal, warehouse.

And we wanted to turn it into something grand!

To make sure the workers get excited by its beauty and convenience. And to make sure that this is not just a nameless warehouse, but a warehouse of Beru.

beru box
Visitors are greeted by a huge box with the logo

Beru has a nice name that can be easily turned into a slogan.

beru slogan

That’s why wayfinding also uses slogans! They tell visitors which room is behind the door or glass and make communication between employees even friendlier.

There are a lot of motivating signs in the warehouse that improve mood and inspire work.

beru security
beru motivating 04

Working with space

For the convenience of employees the warehouse is divided into two sectors. The green sector is the receiving area, while the yellow sector is the packing and shipping area.

In the center are racks with goods. The area where they stand is square and painted in the color of the company’s logo.

beru zones
Packing and shipping area
Receiving area
The rack area is Beru’s box!

Walls and spaces of the warehouse are decorated with a minimalist pattern that is also box themed.

beru rack 01
beru rack 02

beru pattern exterior

Zoning continues outside.

beru street yellow
beru street green
No one will ever get lost

Racks are the center of the warehouse

The warehouse has a tremendous number of racks (and will have even more). They stand in long lines and occupy several floors. Smart navigation solutions help navigate this chaos.

beru second floor
The second floor is highlighted by a bright yellow color. Exits leading to the stairs and the stairs themselves are also yellow

beru rows
Each tenth row is marked with a white sign (the rest have blue signs)

beru sixth row

beru letters
Each rack in a row is marked by a Latin letter

beru yellow pillar
Yellow posts show the location of the exit from the labyrinth

beru final
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