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Task: to create a simple and clear website about complex technology.
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Bleximo develops quantum computers for specific tasks of their clients. Developers need investments, and investors are not well versed in the problem of decoherence and low-temperature physics. The company wants to talk about it in a way that would be understandable to all. To do this, a metaphorical website was created in the studio.

The landing page shows the company’s objectives allegorically: optimization is explained using the example of assembling a Rubik’s cube, simulation is demonstrated using the mathematical Game of Life and machine learning for calculating next steps is represented by a game of Battleship.

Different degrees of pixelation of the spinning top illustrate different options for collaboration, from consulting to full production and delivery of quantum computer systems.


A simple analogy helps show the differences between the technological processes of Bleximo and its competitors: versatile but slow off-road vehicles are contrasted with highly specialized but super fast racing cars.



All graphic techniques and illustrations are a continuation of Bleximo’s identity and subject area: links in the color of the company’s souvenir products flash when the cursor hovers over them and convey the idea of quantum superposition.

More detailed information about the company such as the education and experience of team members, the latest news and job openings is presented as pop-ups. This allows the website to fit on a single page, but at the same time to remain informative.

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Made in 102 days
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