Brixo website

Task: to create a straightforward automobile website.

Brixo service agency creates ready-made vehicle maintenance solutions and represents world-famous auto parts brands in Russia and neighboring countries. The company’s website is equally useful for regular customers and business representatives. Visitors understand at once which section they should navigate to, find out all the necessary details and appreciate the advantages of working with Brixo.

Main page

The beautiful and neat main page contains the essential information about the company and sets the style for information content. Starting with the main page, a rule of text block inheritance is applied making navigating the website much easier. Pages of every following nesting level start with a corresponding parent block, so it is always clear which section is currently active.

The design of the website is based on a modular approach. For example, main services and brands are shown based on their importance. Thanks to the modular structure, heterogeneous information looks consistent and in case elements are moved, the logic of block organization remains in place.

Blocks can contain four different kinds of content: text, image, search bar or a map fragment.

The format of a module depends on its importance and location on the page. The most beautiful and large elements are placed in the header and form galleries, medium-sized blocks are filled with related information while the smallest ones are used to search for a particular brand.

brixo round 02
Map fragment
brixo carr
Full-width photo
brixo round 05_
Business block constructed from medium-sized elements
brixo round 06
Store finder
brixo round 07
Compact search form with links to potential partner pages and a link to join the Brixo team
brixo round 08
Service packages for businesses


Graphic blocks of brands actively use corporate colors making the manufacturers easier to recognize. Hovering the mouse over a block brings up a quick description of the company.

Each brand represented on the website has its own page designed in its colors. The page contains information on the main advantages of the products offered, detailed pictures and a search tool to find parts of this particular brand.

Visitors learn how auto parts are made and what technologies are used in the process.

Made in 151 days
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