Burtsev Audio system design

Burtsev Audio is a line of high-end audio equipment designed in an exceptionally strict style.

A complete set of equipment was designed in the studio, including a digital-to-analog converter, a tube amplifier, a phono preamplifier, speakers and a stand. The calm and confident style of the acoustic system does not feature any flashy elements or sharp shapes. Nothing but continuous symmetry and refined minimalism.

Soft, smooth forms visually enhance the devices, making them more voluminous and impressive. All connectors, potentiometers and other important details are neatly integrated into the composition without disturbing the overall style.

burtsev as interior 01
burtsev as interior 02

Cables are branded using relief and texture differences, while maintaining restraint.

The distinctive sound of the system is ensured by structural parts made of brass.

Quality equipment does not need unnecessary accents. Therefore, the system name appears only once on each component. For example, if a set of devices is assembled into a rack such as a column of three speakers or a set of signal converters, the brand designation is displayed on only one of the components.

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Made in 54 days
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