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    Brazil-2 single-origin coffee

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    Brazil single-origin coffee is naturally processed 100% Arabica. Espresso-roasted Brazil beans work well when used in home espresso machines, while the light-roasted ground version is great for brewing in a cezve, Chemex or French press. Coffee made with Brazil beans has a bright flavor of milk chocolate with nut filling and an aftertaste of sunflower brittle bars. The taste has hints of strong tea and lemongrass.

    brazil 2 150g

    Brazil-2 is sold in packs of 1 kg (2,2 lbs) and 150 grams (5,3 oz) with refreshed design.

    brazil 2 1kg

    Brewing single-origin Arabica ensures a purer taste, fuller fragrance and keeps more caffeine in the drink. A cup of single-origin coffee can provide with enough energy to last the entire day.

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