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    Ethiopia single-origin coffee

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    to produce single-origin coffees.

    Coffee made with Ethiopia beans has flavors of peanut butter and marigold. The taste has notes of Moroccan oranges and apricots with a slight hint of rose hip. The aftertaste is dense.

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    250 grams in a pack

    Single-origin Arabica opens up nicely when brewed using a stove-top method, French press or Chemex. A cup of coffee prepared one of these ways delivers crispier flavor and brighter aroma, while preserving more caffeine in your drink.

    About Ethiopia Sidamo Nefas variety

    The Nefas farm is located in Sidamo province 514 kilometers away from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital. All of the farm’s territory is covered with dense forest which allows coffee to grow in the shade of other trees. The beans are dried on African beds on fresh air.

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