Flight Plan Filing System interface

Prior to every flight of an aircraft, an unmanned aerial vehicle or a rocket, it is necessary to submit an official notification to people in charge of air traffic control.

Task: to simplify working with the airspace usage system.

The Flight Plan Filing System is a comprehensive source of information and an indispensable tool for pilots who plan their route and dispatchers who are responsible for safe, reliable and orderly movement of aircraft. A clear and easy to use interface for the system was designed in the studio.

Where it all starts

The most important thing about a flight plan are the key points of the route. It also includes the date and rules of the flight, altitude, name and contact details of the pilot, aircraft flight number, time of departure and a lot of other important information.

The route can be edited in two ways: directly on the map or with the help of a form that contains all data in accordance with the world and Russian rules of air traffic management.

No-fly zones

Dispatchers check the route for intersection with current restricted areas. If the route intersects restricted or dangerous zones, it needs to be adjusted.

fpss closed

The system has special tools that can be used to set no-fly zones directly on the map.

fpss icons


If the initial flight route intersects no-fly or dangerous zones, restricted areas, border zones or other obstacles, the system generates an optimal route automatically.

fpss alt

Vertical flight profile

Points of contact of the proposed route with the terrain are also marked on the map.

Naturally, such points need to be corrected. Weather conditions are also very important, and they are also shown on the map.

All necessary aeronautical information is coded in the system using specially designed notations assembled into a coherent design system.

fpss system

A card with key parameters is created for each waypoint.

The system also allows to perform a number of important procedures: creating groups, adding new aircraft, registering and verifying drone launches.

fpss groups

fpss new

fpss registration

fpss launch

  • The studio wishes to thank Ivan Zhdanov for his help with the project
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