Hepoll vibration massage machine

Hepoll manufactures medical and cosmetology equipment. One of its products is a state-of-the-art vibration massage machine which can be used on almost all parts of body and face. We came up with a way to design the new device in a way that would make it look at home in expensive interiors of clinics and resorts and make its users experience only positive emotions.

hepoll 01

The lightweight refined casing reminds of a toned body, as if immediately after treatment performed using this very device.

hepoll 02

The large, easy-to-read screen shows all the necessary information, including from the manipulators.

The lower part of the display flows seamlessly into the handle used to move the machine. Thanks to the matte surface, no finger marks are left on the device, keeping it always presentable.

hepoll 07

Further below is a quick-release cover for access to the internal tanks with clean and waste liquid that is used in the roller cleaning system.

The height of the telescopic cable holder is adjustable; if necessary it can be fully retracted inside the body.

hepoll 03

The manipulators are stored in translucent containers. Backlight allows to work comfortably even in poor lighting conditions.

The smaller manipulator is used for facial massage, while the larger one is used on the body.

hepoll 05

Both are complemented by an interface showing various metrics, such as force of pressure and speed, which are duplicated on the main screen.

hepoll 06

Thanks to its clever design, the machine looks attractive and friendly and does not cause any questions or issues during use: the procedure is equally pleasant for both patients and masseurs.

Made in 121 days
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