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Khokhlovka identity

Task: to preserve and emphasize the atmosphere of an art district.

Khokhlovka art district on Ivanovskaya Gorka is a sheltered and concealed little area of Moscow and one of the centers of the capital’s underground. Photo studios, shops, unusual restaurants and an abundance of graffiti create a cozy microclimate that attracts creative people. The labyrinths of the art district with their rich history and unusual atmosphere are infused with the spirit of old Moscow.

The district is growing together with the city, so today Khokhlovka is becoming more business-like. Still, its soul is being preserved with maximum care and great love for local historical monuments. The new identity that perfectly conveys the spirit of the place and fits into its atmosphere supports these efforts.

hohlovka logo2

hohlovka left

The festive version of the logo neatly shimmers in different colors.

The logo resembles outlines of old windows. Behind each window is a life and a story. The diversity of these stories creates the unique spirit of the place.

hohlovka right
hohlovka elements2

The logo was used to create a cozy pattern with a characteristic classic flavor.

hohlovka style

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