Task: to design an inexpensive kettle.

Kitfort’s new kettle is laconic, beautiful and functional.

First of all, it has a water temperature indicator in the form of a thermal sticker located next to the handle. The indicator helps decide whether you need to turn the kettle on again or the water is already a perfect temperature for making green tea (or is just warm). The indicator also shows the approximate water level.

kf kettle with cup

Secondly, there is a mesh infuser under the lid which making brewing tea a breeze.

Thirdly, the kettle has a color water quantity indicator. Touching the surface of the kettle will make the color band at the base of the kettle light up. If it’s green, the kettle is full, if it’s red, there’s very little water and orange means the kettle is about half-full. When water is being heated, the band blinks slowly and beautifully.

The spout and the body are designed as a single part significantly saving costs during production.

Steaming beauty!

kf kettle with tea

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art director

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Made in 94 days
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