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Kitfort uses an in-house reporting system to track production, transportation and sales. The studio has designed a friendly and intuitive interface for the system.

A panel with conveniently organized reports can be opened from any page. Each report has its own mini-identity, including an icon.

Well-thought-out design principles and ready-made templates significantly simplify the visualization of a variety of parameters. For example, in reports with samples and new products, the user quickly sees the positions that have remained at the same stage for too long and understands what needs attention.

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Dynamic illustrations in production and shipment requests vividly show the quantity and filling of containers, allowing for more efficient logistics management and avoiding shipping air from China to Russia.

Reports with tables are very dense: literally every pixel contains information. At the same time, the size and organization of rows and columns allow for the most comfortable reading and comparison of large volumes of data.

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Sales summaries break down the indicators of all trading platforms by different periods and facilitate analytics.

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Product reports with all key information fit on one screen. There is no need to endlessly scroll down to search for less popular characteristics: just use the toggle switch at the top of the page.

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A rich set of graphics for widgets, buttons, statuses—basically, for everything—pleases the eye and helps to get acquainted with the system faster.

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